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About Us

Vesta-R Ltd start its activity in 1991 immediately after the political changes in Bulgaria.

At the beginning we were dealing with import of domestic sewing machines "LUCZNIK" - Poland and industrial sewing machines and brand overlaid "ALTIN" - Germany. Following changes in the development of industry in Bulgaria and especially in the footwear manufacturing industry gradually expanded the range of offered equipment, adding machines supplies footwear brand "MINERVA" and "SVIT" from the Czech Republic.

Currently, "Vesta-R" Ltd. offers over 10,000 items, from machinery for making up shoes to spare parts, industrial sewing needles, high-quality polyester and polyamide threads, materials for footwear, leather and many others.

Our company has established distribution centers, stores and service centers in five cities in Bulgaria, which strive to achieve maximum satisfaction of the manufacturers of apparel, footwear and soft furnishings.

Our senior professionals have extensive experience and technical knowledge and are available to help you make the best choice for your production needs.